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United Airlines is the most popular international business and leisure travel option, with nonstop service between four airports in the United Kingdom and the United States. United Airlines provides convenient access to a wide variety of locations via its extensive network that connects to 280 destinations in the Americas. United Airlines has upgraded the business class travel experience with the introduction of the cutting-edge United Polaris® on its international fleet and on some transcontinental flights. Now is the best time to experience United Airlines’ new business class and its amazing facilities.

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Travel Business Class with United Airlines

The new business class service provided by United Airlines—known as United Polaris®—stands out as a product that is really distinctive within the airline industry. The groundbreaking design was created by Acumen, PriestmanGoode, SAFRAN and PG specialists and inspired by the North Star. Booking a seat in United Polaris’ business class is the only way to fully experience and cherish what it has to offer. United Airlines’ business class will make your trip unforgettable.

Pre Flight Experience

United Airlines has expanded its premium service to the Americas by opening five United Polaris business lounges around the country. With Premier Access®, you may skip the lines at the airport’s check-in and security checkpoints. The Polaris lounges are renowned as the most tranquil places to work, dine, and unwind in all of North America. United Club® lounges at some international airports will be phased out in favour of the more modern Polaris offering. Enjoy the privileges of United Polaris, which also include priority boarding.


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In Flight Experience

United Polaris, their new business class offering, is available on Boeing 777-300ERs and 787-10 Dreamliners, with retrofits beginning on other aircraft. The innovative design combines totally flat mattresses, suite-like seclusion, and a staggered 1-2-1 format for aisle access. The cabin has ambient lighting, Saks Fifth Avenue bedding, and plenty of storage. Highlights of the dining experience include unique cutlery, collaborations with well-known chefs, and an extensive wine list. United Polaris makes business class restful from lounge to landing.

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