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Business Class Flights to Fiji

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The island nation of Fiji, located in the South Pacific, invites you to explore its stunning natural scenery in the utmost comfort and elegance on one of our opulent business-class flights. Why go to Fiji? Because it is a tropical paradise that has unspoiled beaches, seas as pure as crystal, verdant jungles, and a culture that is kind and accommodating. While travelling to the gorgeous islands of Fiji in our premium business class, you will have the opportunity to take advantage of our spacious seats, delectable meals, and superior level of service. Allow us to enhance your travel experience so that you arrive in Fiji feeling refreshed and ready to take in the country’s world-renowned natural beauty and kind hospitality.


Find unbeatable prices and special offers on business-class flights to Fiji from airports across the world. To help you select the best travel possible, Leisure & Business Travel Club offers a wide variety of business class alternatives across many airlines. Plan a trip to Fiji in the lap of luxury without breaking the budget. Plan your once-in-a-lifetime trip now to enjoy luxury. Enjoy a luxurious vacation while discovering the stunning natural wonders of Fiji. Get in touch with the Leisure & Business Travel Club right now to start planning the trip of a lifetime.

Top Attractions of Fiji


Sigatoka Sand Dunes National Park

Discover the natural beauty of Fiji at this one-of-a-kind park famed for its stunning sand dunes and archaeological importance. Hike through the dunes for breathtaking vistas.

Denarau Island:

This luxurious resort location features beautiful beaches, championship golf courses, and a variety of water activities. It also serves as a gateway to the stunning Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands.


The busy town of Nadi is your gateway to Fiji and a terrific spot to immerse yourself in local culture. Visit the vibrant Nadi Market, the Sri Siva Subramaniya Swami Temple, and the Garden of the Sleeping Giant.

Things to do in Fiji:


Snorkelling and diving:

Fiji is well-known for its colourful coral reefs and marine life. Explore the underwater delights of well-known locations such as the Great Astrolabe Reef, the Rainbow Reef, and Beqa Lagoon.

island hopping:

Fiji is an archipelago comprising more than 300 islands. Explore different landscapes, cultures, and activities by island hopping. Viti Levu, the Yasawa Islands, and Taveuni are among the most popular islands to visit.

Kava Ceremony:

Participate in a traditional Fijian kava ceremony to learn about local customs and culture. Kava is a traditional drink prepared from the kava plant’s root that is an important aspect of Fijian social life.

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