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Etihad Airways, proudly holds the prestigious 5-star rating of being the best Airlines, with guarantee to provide extraordinary business class experience to all its customers. Renowned for their commitment to service, comfort, and ample space, Etihad’s business class service is crafted meticulously with the discerning traveller in mind. Evident in passenger votes, Etihad consistently ranks among the top 5 business classes worldwide, solidifying their reputation for excellence. Prepare for an unparalleled journey with Etihad Airways’ exceptional business class offering.

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Fly business class with Etihad Airways

Business travellers consider many factors while choosing an airline. In addition to transit times and their final destination, many passengers value a premium service for the ability to work uninterrupted and rest in solitude. Etihad Airway proudly exceeds these criteria in business class service.

Premium Lounges offer an escape from airport bustle.  Passengers here can work and relax while eating scrumptious meals.  Priority baggage service is available for time-sensitive Etihad business passengers. For those with more time, the Abu Dhabi Arrivals Lounge offers a pleasant dinner, shower, and other facilities before leaving the airport. Etihad Airways prioritises business clients and makes their flights enjoyable.

Pre-Flight Experience

Business class guests on Etihad Airways receive complimentary Abu Dhabi chauffeur service and exclusive check-in desks. With substantial baggage limits and a streamlined process, travellers may enjoy a hassle-free journey. Etihad’s business class lounges provide 5-star meals in the Premium Lounge along with spa services to recharge aboard.

In-Flight Experience

Etihad Airways is known for its unmatched services. Concealed storage, mood lighting, in-seat massage, direct aisle access, luxurious loungewear, and slippers are included in their business class seats and studios. Passengers also enjoy an Abu Dhabi chauffeur service, a special edition Acqua di Parma comfort and skin kit, and customised city guides. Etihad offers upscale bistros-inspired dishes and a boutique wine list. Travel in luxury and comfort with Etihad’s business class.

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Etihad Airways Business Class Seats

The business class seats of Etihad Airways are the epitome of elegance and comfort. Passengers may unwind and take in the scenery by taking use of the totally flat beds, hidden storage, in-seat massage, and direct aisle access. The seats also feature customisable mood lighting and luxurious amenities, which creates an exceptional and indulgent experience for passengers while they are in flight.

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