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Experience the New air new zealand business class

Air New Zealand, New Zealand’s flag carrier, is noted for its excellent service, modern fleet, and passenger comfort. Air New Zealand offers domestic and international flights to major locations worldwide. The airline is known for its creativity, friendliness, and Kiwi hospitality. Air New Zealand strives to give all passengers a memorable flight, regardless of class.

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Unleash Unrivaled Travel Luxury with Air New Zealand's Business Class

Business Premier passengers on Air New Zealand will have the “Best sleep in the sky. Enjoy the ultimate in comfort with plush beds, premium bedding, and the attentive care of flight attendants. Air New Zealand’s Business Premier is renowned for its exceptional service, ensuring a top-notch experience without compromising the trademark lightheartedness that embodies the Kiwi spirit. Indulge in a journey where luxury, comfort, and the warm hospitality of New Zealand come together to create an unforgettable travel experience.

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Pre-Flight Experience

Air New Zealand’s Business Class offers a seamless experience right from the beginning, starting with dedicated check-in counters at London Heathrow and access to the convenient Gold Track security entry. With one of the industry’s largest luggage limits, packing is never a concern. Business Premier passengers enjoy the privilege of bringing two 7-kilogram bags in the cabin and three 23-kilogram bags in the cargo hold. Air New Zealand’s network has expanded through its partnership with Singapore Airlines, providing a new route to and from London Heathrow. This allows Business Class passengers to enjoy the amenities of Terminal 2’s SilverKris Lounge.

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In-flight Experience

Flying to Los Angeles or Auckland (via LA) on Air New Zealand’s Boeing 777-300ER in Business Premier class is an experience unlike any other. Comfortable leather recliners that fold out into one of the longest flat beds in the sky are at your disposal. Relax with a variety of in-flight comforts, including an upscale amenity kit, power outlets at your seat, and a comprehensive selection of entertainment. Dine on the finest New Zealand food served alongside great local wines from the Business Premier menu.

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